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Inboard Brakes
A type of brake design where the discs or drums and associated brake components are not located within the wheels.

Induction System
The system that delivers the air-fuel mixture to the cylinders. Includes the carburetor or fuel injection system, intake manifold, intake ports, and intake valves.

Intake Stroke
The first stroke of the four-stroke cycle during which the piston moves downward from top dead center to bottom dead center creating a partial vacuum and sucking the fuel-air mixture into the cylinder.

Intake Valve
A camshaft-driven valve in the cylinder head that opens to allow the fuel-air charge into the cylinder and closes to form part of the combustion chamber during the compression and power strokes.

Internal Combustion Engine
One that burns its fuel within cylinders or some other enclosed space.


Independent Lessor
Independent lessors are usually individual businesses that can provide for the lease of virtually any make or model of vehicle. Independent lessors, like dealers, can write custom leases, including those with different conditions and special mileage considerations.

Ignition Coil
It receives a small amount of electrical voltage from the battery and steps up the low "primary" voltage and amplifies it into a big jolt of voltage of about 20,000 volts, and sends it to the spark plugs via the distributor.

Inline Engine
An engine in which all the cylinders are arranged in a straight row.

Intake Manifold
The connecting tubes between the base of the carburetor and the port openings to the intake valve or intake ports. The air-fuel mixture travels from the throttle body into a chamber called the plenum, which feeds individual tubes (called runners) which lead to the individual intake port. Its purpose is to transfer the air-fuel mixture to each cylinder. Also called "inlet pipe."

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