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Generally refers to the distance the spark must travel in jumping from the center electrode in a sparkplug; or the spacing between the points in the contact breaker fitted to the distributor.

An instrument that registers the quantity of a substance such as fuel gauge.

A device in the Drivetrain consisting of an input shaft, a system of gears and an output shaft that multiplies engine torque.

Gear Ratio
The number of revolutions made by a driving gear compared to the number of revolutions made by the driven gear.

Wheel-like parts with teeth cut into the rim. Meshing of the teeth of two gears enables one to drive the other, thus transmitting power.

The mechanism that allows the driver to move the transmission gears into various drive positions.


Gap Insurance

This covers you against additional losses not covered by your auto insurance in the case of an accident in which the vehicle is totaled. Most auto insurance will cover the actual cash value of the vehicle and what is owed on the lease contract, including early termination fees. Gap insurance is most important in the early years of a lease when the difference between the value of the car and what is owed are greatest. Some manufacturers now include Gap insurance in their leases.

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