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Final Drive Ratio
The ratio between the driveshaft or transmission output shaft rpm and the drive-wheel axle shaft rpm. For example, if the ratio is 4.00:1 the driveshaft rotates four times for each rotation of the rear axle differential gear, the axle shafts and the wheels.

The partition between the engine compartment and the passenger compartment.

An engine with all the valves located within the block on one side of the cylinder so that the head itself is flat.

The car floor under the instrument panel.

Fuel Economy
The number of miles driven divided by the gallons of fuel consumed.


A devise to remove suspended impurities or particles of foreign matter from the air intake, fuel, or lubricating system.

Floor Shift
A type of transmission shift linkage in which the various gears are actuated by a lever attached to the floor rather than by a lever attached to the steering system.

Flow-Through Ventilation
A type of fresh air system in which outside air is ducted into the interior of the car, circulates through the passenger compartment and exits through openings in the C-pillars or rear-quarter panels.

A heavy , toothed wheel mounted to the rear of the crankshaft that smooths out the separate power surges imparted to the crankshaft as each cylinder fires by resisting the tendency of the engine to speed up at the start of the power stroke and to slow down toward the end. It also serves as part of the clutch by transmitting power to the gearbox in a car with manual transmission, acts as a vibration damper and balance member for the crankshaft, and engages the teeth of the starter motor when the engine is cranked.

A measurement of work or energy. One foot-pound (ft-lb) is equal to the work done when a constant force of one pound is exerted on a body which moves a distance of one foot in the direction of the force.

The structural load-carrying members of a car that supports the engine and body and are in turn supported by the car wheels.

Front-Wheel Drive
A drive system in which the transmission is connected by driving axles to the front wheels instead of the rear wheels.

Fuel Filter
A device installed in the fuel line that prevents impurities in the fuel from reaching and possibly clogging the carburetor.

Fuel Injection
A type of fuel system using a pump and injectors instead of a carburetor to meter fuel.

Fuel Line
The pipe or tube through which fuel travels from the tank to the pump and from the pump through the carburetor or injector.

Fuel Pump
A mechanical or electrical device that draws gasoline from the fuel tank and delivers it to the carburetor or injector pump.

Fuel System
The system that delivers fuel to the engine. It consists of a fuel tank, fuel filter, fuel pump, and the carburetor or fuel injector.

Full-Floating Axle
Drive axle construction where the axle shaft does not carry any car weight; its sole duty is to propel the car.

Full-Flow Filter
The type of oil filter in which all the oil from the oil pump flows through the filter.

Final Purchase Price
This price is equivalent to the amount you would pay for the vehicle if you were buying or financing rather than leasing. The final purchase price does not include any 'down' payment by the lessee.

A four-speed manual transmission with floor mounted shift

A covering over the wheels to prevent mud from splattering.

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