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A panel just below the windshield and stretching across the front of the car, containing gauges, switches, and instruments for car operation.

Negative acceleration; the rate of change in velocity as a car slows down during braking.

Stand for Deutsche Industrie Normen or German industrial standards. DIN horsepower, a German rating similar to SAE net horsepower is the output of a fully equipped engine fitted with all the normal accessories.

The volume vacated by the piston of an engine as it moves downward in its cylinder.

A gear system that transfers power from the driveshaft (or the transmission in a front-wheel-drive car) to the driving axles. It permits the outer driving wheel to turn faster than the inner when the car goes around a corner, to prevent skidding and tire scuffing.

A component of the ignition system containing the breaker points and cam, centrifugal advance and vacuum-advance mechanisms and a shaft usually driven be the camshaft. The high voltage generated by the coil passes into the center terminal of the cap mounted on top of the distributor housing. From there, it passes down the rotor, and as the rotor turns it distributes the current to terminals connected by high-tension wires to the sparkplugs.

Drag Coefficient
A dimensionless number used in calculating the aerodynamic drag acting on a car. The drag coefficient is a function of such factors as the shape of a car and airflow through the car for cooling or ventilation.

Drive Shaft
The long, hollow tube with universal joints at both ends that carries power from the transmission to the differential.

The power transmitting components in a car, including clutch and gearbox (or automatic transmission) driveshaft, universal joints, differential, and axle shafts.

Dealer Participation
This is the amount contributed by the dealer to reduce the final purchase price in the lease contract. Dealer participation can take the form of a rebate or simply a discount. The dealer participation is reflected in the lease contract as a capitalized cost reduction.

The amount by which property loses its value. In automobile leasing, depreciation is the difference between the new car cost and the value of the car at the end of the lease.

Disposition Fee
This is a fee you pay at the end of the lease, to the lessor, that covers the lessor's cost of getting the vehicle ready for sale after you have returned the vehicle. It is often applied against any deposit you made at lease inception.

Drive Line
Everything in the Drivetrain except the engine and the transmission.

Acronym for double-overhead camshaft. Refers to an engine with two overhead camshafts.

DOHC (Dual Over-Head Cam)
An engine with two camshafts located above the cylinders. One drives the intake valves and the other operates the exhaust valve.

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