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Every car consists of many parts and components and each individual part is a result of years of research and development before it is ready for production. The often quite astounding technology that has gone into such parts and components is than reduced to just one simple term or abbreviation. Since it would be pity if this simplified terminology created any unclarity or misunderstanding, we would like to take this opportunity to explain a number of essential items, some of which are standard, other are optional.

Auto-Dictionary is the leading non commercial, free online resource for automotive industry professionals, engineers, students and auto racing enthusiasts worldwide. Updated daily, Auto-Dictionary gives a global overview of the latest automotive technology terms and abbreviation behind new concept and production vehicles.

Shady B. El Safty
Auto Expert

is an automotive expert .He is the founder of Auto-Dictionary and president of International Society of Lean Six-Sigma Practitioners “ ISLSSP”. Shady has had many manufacturing and quality assignments in different countries.He has been 
an active member in the communities in which he has lived. His researches focused on Six Sigma and lean manufacturing for quality improvement. s with General Motors and BMW.he received SAE award “2012 Industry Leadership” as a recognition for improving his team's working process and efficiency
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